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Renowned London Surgeon Travels to Armenia to Save Infants' Sight

Dr. Sui Chien Wong joined the team of EyeCare Project Physicians in 2014, when the London-based ophthalmologist got a call from the EyeCare Project's Founder Dr. Roger Ohanesian.

Dr. Ohanesian shared with Dr. Wong the overwhelming number of babies in Armenia who were going blind due to a debilitating eye disease called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) that affects premature infants.

Knowing of Dr. Wong’s expertise in this field, Dr. Ohanesian urged the exceptional ophthalmologist to get involved with the EyeCare Project and save infants in Armenia from a lifetime of blindness. 

"It’s not right for babies to go blind when there is potential treatment," Dr. Wong said when talking of his decision. "I couldn’t refuse that request."

Dr. Wong made his first trip to Armenia in 2014, and has now made 11 visits (and counting) to the country to perform surgery and train Armenian physicians — he makes the trip from London about every three months.

When in Armenia, Dr. Wong performs sight-saving surgeries on particularly complex cases and visits the AECP Center of Excellence for the Prevention of Childhood Blindness in Yerevan and trains Armenia’s leading doctors and surgeons to treat babies and young children with blinding retinal disease, including ROP. 

"I keep coming back because it’s the right thing to do," Dr. Wong says. He also jokes that part of the reason he continues to return to Armenia is because of the delicious kebab and coffee.

Learn more about the world-renowned surgeon's involvement with the AECP by watching Dr. Wong's Story.

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