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Nepal Relief - Update

Napal EarthquakeGlobal Sight Alliance and the ASCRS Foundation has a close partnership with Geoff Tabin, Dr. Sanduk Ruit, and the Himalayan Cataract Project whose work in Nepal was greatly affected by the recent earthquake.  Below is an email we received updating us on the progress that is underway. We encourage our friends and partners to consider helping in any way possible.

For current updates and ways that you can help, please visit

Tilganga Earthquake Relief Support Funds Activates

Latest from Dr. Ruit -  April 28, 2015  -------------------

As the death toll mounts to more than 5,000 followingvtragedy. The entire staff of Tilganga started relief operations with an enthusiasm I have never seen in them before. We have decided that it will take a long time and we need to run it professionally and effectively in the same the way as we have been conducting sigh restoration programs. This tragedy has left thousands of people homeless, helpless and broken. We have vowed to be part of their healing process with the help of our international partners.

As of today morning, we have packed food and relief materials, emergency medical kits enough for thousand families with the team led by Dr.Suman Thapa, Khim Gurung and Krishna Gopal. They are already in Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk District, one of the worst affected areas. A similar group of medical team with supplies hopefully,will be leaving each day to different destinations ,  provided we get enough financial resources. Besides this, if we have substantial financial resources, we may even be able to reach out to very remote areas via helicopter.

Best Regards,
Sanduk Ruit.


--------------- As of April 27, 2015 ------------------

Dear Geoff, Matt and the HCP team,

This is one of the worst natural disasters in my lifetime. A major 7.8 Richter scale earthquake struck 24 hours ago followed by more than 100 aftershocks and one earthquake measuring 6.9 richter scale some time ago. The scale of human casualty will be more than 2,500.

But, there will be thousands left homeless in many parts of Nepal where life is much more difficult. For these families, to tune up to normalcy will take them a very long time. The most affected areas has been the areas where Tilganga is most active and we understand the locality very well.

There are very hearty and generous messages from friends all over the world, who want to be helpful.I think it will be good for Tilganga to spear head an effective platform to help the country and its beautiful people with the support from all our friends around the world.

Presently, everything is going at a warpath and the country is in state of emergency and all efforts have been put to save and retrieve people from the wreckages hoping they will live and be given medical treatment. The state seems to be coordinating all the acute relief quite well in spite of all the constraints. The second phase will be to give a longer treatment to some of the casualties and give immediate relief to the ones without shelter. It is really a tragic part that we have been left with total or semi damaged cultural heritages mostly in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. The restoration of these will be a long haul for the state. The longer term relief would be to rehabilitate the homeless, mentally struck inhabitants of some remote areas.

I would appeal to all our friends around the world who have loved our work and loved this country and its people.We are quite happy to build a strong, effective platform to coordinate this in a small way.Again, many thanks from the heart for the compassion you have shown in such an unforeseen moment.

Brian Doolan from the Fred Hollows Foundation and Geoffery Tabin from the Himalayan Cataract Project have already committed generously.
Hope this is the end and no further damage takes place.

Thank you once again.
Best Regards,
Sanduk Ruit.

Napal Earthquake 2

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