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Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane
I would like to do something a little different with this blog and to make some observations / comments about medicine and beyond. First I would like to give you some of my favorite quotes / expressions of 2016: #1. Don’t quit your day dream. #2. Gracious plenty. ( Southern expression ). #3. Read more:

Post-Ebola Survival Eye Clinic In Liberia Part 2

Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders is usually an emergency / crisis health organization rather than a developmental health NGO. As they frequently state, they go where others don’t. They are happy enough eventually to hand over their operations / programs to other NGO’s ( Read more:

Blog From West Africa

Blog From West Africa
In February I was with my ophthalmic friend Dr. Edgar Ogaldez in San Benito / Flores, Peten, Guatemala. Dr. Ogaldez visited my wife and I last year as part of the Rotary / AAO Host An Ophthalmology program ( Chair, Ken Tuck MD ). After visiting us in S.C. and talking to two of the local Rotary Read more:

Academy Meeting Las Vegas November 2015, Part 2

I would like to continue my summary of our 2015 AAO annual meeting 2015 in Las Vegas. As always, most of my observations / discussion / comments lean toward working / teaching in the developing world. Cornea Symposium:
Dr. Elisabeth Cohen spoke about Varicella Zoster Virus ( VZV ): Epidemiology, Read more:

SEE MSICS Course and Eye Exam

SEE MSICS Course and Eye Exam
Recently I participated in the Surgical Eye Expedition ( SEE ) MSICS course in Santa Barbara, Ca. Would recommend this one day course with didactic lectures in the AM and then a well planned / prepared wet lab in the afternoon. Special thanks to Dr. John Crowley, Luis Perez and the entire Read more:

Ten Commandments of Working in Low Resource Settings

I recently attended the Widows and Orphans annual banquet which is a 165 year old medical society in Charleston, SC. The guest speaker was Rudolph Rustin, MD who recently completed 1 1/2 years working in a hospital in Rwanda. Although Dr. Rustin is not an ophthalmologist, I would like to share Read more:

AAO Academy 2014 Chicago Part 1

AAO Academy 2014 Chicago Part 1
What I would like to do is summarize my experiences at the Academy this October. What I learned and took away from the Academy which might be useful in a developing world setting. As usual I will not give credit to many of the speakers nor to the specific course or symposium. As always I have Read more:

Epidemiology Of Eye Disease Part 3 Review

Chapter 16 Corneal And External Diseases has sub-sections on microbial keratitis, viral infections, keratoconjunctivitis, acanthamoeba --- ocular manifestations, vernal keratoconjunctivitis, Mooren’s ulcer, climatic droplet keratopathy, and pterygium. In developing countries, where most corneal Read more:

Epidemiology of Eye Disease, Part 2 Review

Section 2 Methodology was useful for the novice, such as myself, in epidemiology ---- what are cross - sectional studies, bias, cluster sampling, rapid assessment of avoidable blindness ( RAAB ), sample size, cohort studies, etc. The Baltimore Eye Survey is an example of cluster sampling in eye Read more:

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