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Evaluation of Mature Cataract

Evaluation of Mature Cataract
Check out this one page quick reference for how to evaluate mature cataract. Please click on the image below to view in higher resolution. Read more:

Review of glaucoma management for Belize

Review of glaucoma management for Belize
I wanted to write everyone and go over diagnosis / management / treatment of glaucoma. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in Belize, USA, the industrialized world and the emerging world. As we all know, once vision is lost with glaucoma ( optic atrophy ) there is no drops, surgery, Read more:

Instructions for techs on the OCT

In regards to our talking about optical coherence tomography ( OCT ) last week, I would encourage you to read the entire OCT manual which is available online. I know it can be rather daunting but if you would read 3 pages each day and try to make sense of what the book is describing then over Read more:

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