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Treatment For Severe, Advanced, Deep, Large Corneal Ulcers

I recently wrote this up for the African Vision website and thought I would share with my Global Alliance colleagues. I have never seen this type of severe advanced corneal abscess in the States but they are unfortunately common in the developing world, especially in low-income countries. If Read more:

Observations - AAO 2013, part 2

Below are some random information / suggestions from subspecialty symposiums , courses, etc. plus my input. Authors ( credit ) will not be acknowledged. Bromfenac ( Xibrom ) 0.09% and nepafenac ( Nevanac ) 0.1% drops qid will often reduce central serous chorioretinopathy ( CSCR ) quicker than Read more:

Observations from the Academy Nov 2013

Observations from the Academy Nov 2013
Dr. Michael and Jessica Feilmeier from the Univ. of Nebraska, Global Blindness Prevention Division ( OpeningEyes Curing Blindness ) have established a web site ( that will help coordinate the actions of organizations and individuals ( volunteers ) working in ophthalmology in Read more:

Reaching The Blind Poor Part 3

This will be the final excerpts of John Cheatham's booklet Reaching The Blind Poor. The subject of cost of surgery to the poor is highly controversial to many. To me, it is very straightforward: if we have the economic resources to provide surgery at no cost or at very low cost, we will treat Read more:

Reaching the Blind Poor - Part 2

Reaching the Blind Poor - Part 2
I wanted to continue my review of Dr. John Cheatham's booklet "Reaching The Blind Poor". John died in 2009 and his obituary ( "A Life Without Furniture" ) is posted here on Global Sight Network. His family foundation ( Mathias Eye Foundation ) continues to support eye clinics in Guatemala and Read more:

Ophthalmic Check List for Outreach

Ophthalmic Check List for Outreach
Below is my check list when visiting rural or isolated eye clinics. This is not a list for the O.R. but rather for outreach activities when seeing patients with or without other eye health workers. Depending on the location / situation you may not need some of these supplies.

Read more:

Gundersen Flap : Save an Eye

Many years ago while serving as a general medical officer at the National Leprosarium ( Carville ), I was privileged to work with Dr. Margaret Brand, British ophthalmologist, who had spent over 25 years as an ophthalmologist serving leprosy patients in southern India. At that time she probably knew Read more:

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