Most recently posted missions

Mission Name Status Term Address Start Date End Date
1826 China Eye Glass Team  Open  Short Term Yushu , China-Asia 07-12-2018   07-23-2018
1819 Guatemala  Open  Short Term Teculut√°n, Guatemala-CentralAmerica Flexible   Flexible
Chosen Eye Mission August 2018  Open  Short Term Montemorelos, Mexico-CentralAmerica 08-11-2018   08-18-2018
MSICS in Ecuador  Open  Short Term San Lorenzo, Ecuador-SouthAmerica 03-09-2019   03-16-2019
1828 Nicaragua Eye Glass Team  Closed  Short Term Granada, Nicaragua-CentralAmerica 06-09-2018   06-16-2018
Yap Mission and Training  Open  Short Term Colonia, Yap, FSM, Colonia, Yap, FSM-Select Region 05-14-2018   05-20-2018
Montemorelos, Mexico  Open  Short Term Montemorelos, Mexico-CentralAmerica 06-09-2018   06-16-2018
Milne Bay Providence  Open  Short Term Alotau Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea-Oceania 09-21-2018   10-07-2018
Western Province  Open  Short Term Port Morsby, Papua New Guinea-Oceania 10-26-2018   11-11-2018
1824 South Africa  Open  Short Term Middleburg , South Africa-Africa 10-18-2018   10-30-2018

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