Mission Agency Title Country Inquire Favorite Missions
Zimbabwe Medical Outreach Zimbabwe 04-19-2018   04-30-2018

1828 Nicaragua Eye Glass Team Granada Nicaragua 06-09-2018   06-16-2018

Yap Mission and Training Colonia, Yap, FSM Colonia, Yap, FSM 05-14-2018   05-20-2018

Mexico, San Cristobal San Cristobal de las Casas Mexico 06-30-2018   07-08-2018

Peru, Arequipa Arequipa Peru 07-21-2018   08-04-2018

India, Nagaland Longphang & Tuensang, Nagaland India 11-03-2018   11-17-2018

Ethiopia Medical Outreach Ethiopia 05-24-2018   06-03-2018

Montemorelos, Mexico Montemorelos Mexico 06-09-2018   06-16-2018

Western Province Port Morsby Papua New Guinea 10-26-2018   11-11-2018

Villa Nueva, Guatemala Villa Nueva Guatemala 08-18-2018   08-26-2018

1824 South Africa Middleburg South Africa 10-18-2018   10-30-2018

1826 China Eye Glass Team Yushu China 07-12-2018   07-23-2018

1819 Guatemala Teculut√°n Guatemala Flexible   Flexible

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