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1819 Guatemala

MOST Ministries
From : 11-30-2018 To : 12-08-2018
Country : Guatemala
City : Teculután
Position Needed : Optician
Medical Student
Host : Lutheran Church of Guatemala
Team leader : Debby Suchyta
Collaborating Organization : MOST Ministries
Term : Short Term
Length : 9 days
Team Members : 10-15
Types Of Cases : vision screening
Speciality : General
Languages : Spanish
Mission Trip URL :
Mission Details : Using a very simple testing system, members of this team will distribute eyeglasses to those in need living in or near the community being served. During the daily clinics, team members will test patients' eyes and then fit them with the appropriate corrective lenses. Depending on the number of team members, 100-300 people can be served daily.
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