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Amman, Jordan

Eye For God
From : 04-18-2018 To : 04-25-2018
Country : Jordan
City : Amman
Position Needed : Ophthalmic Assistant
Ophthalmic Technician
Ophthalmic Scrub
Registered Nurse
Team leader : Bert Bowden
Term : Short Term
Team Members : Dan Gold, Amjad Ziadat
Types Of Cases : MSICS
Speciality : General
Languages : English
Proficiency needed : MSICS
Mission Details : Cataract Surgery and teaching. Three doctors (me, Dr. Dan Gold, and Dr. Amjad Ziadat). We will need helpers to move patients, place drops, and assist in surgery. Cost is airfare to Amman, Jordan, plus estimated daily cost of $100 for transportation, food and lodging.
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