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Team Returned to FDB

global-eye-project-01During the second week of January 2014, our USA team met with our Haitian counterparts to provide quality eye care in rural FDB. We examined 857 people during the clinic and provided them with glasses, medications and much-needed surgeries.

Dr. Reynold Monsanto , a Haitian oph-thalmologist, returned to FDB for more training with Dr. Marty Arkin in cataract extractions and pterygium excisions. Additionally, our three Haitian trainees were actively involved in the clinic, checking eye pressures and dis-pensing glasses while educating the patients. Transfer of skills is integral to the self-sustainability of this clinic.

Clinic days were long and intense but very successful. Our clinicians encountered a variety of ocular conditions ranging from mild and treatable to se-vere and end-stage.

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